Dogs are pack animals. Through training, they learn to follow their human leader. We know the importance of getting your dog’s attention so he can learn. We believe it starts with you, the owner, by understanding your needs and the dog’s problems so he can be properly trained to become a better member of your family and community. Schooling is important; leave it up to us to teach them in the proper way. With my proven skills and techniques, any negative behavior can be turned into positive behavior. After all, no one wants a dog that is difficult to live with.

Focus Point Dog Training, LLC has put together what we believe to be the best puppy/dog obedience training programs for all breeds. By socializing and influencing puppies at their beginning stages of life, it is amazing what can be accomplished at such an early age.

Puppy obedience training can begin at 12 weeks of age. We train all breeds and sizes…from small dogs to big and tough dogs. From high energy, aggressive, anti-social, anxious dogs…you name it and we’ll successfully correct their behavior problems.

All dogs must be in good health. Current veterinary records must accompany all dogs and include rabies, parvovirus and bordetella vaccinations.

At Focus Point Dog Training, LLC consultation and evaluation is free. All dog training is guaranteed for the life of the dog.